About Zoo

Refreshing, eclectic and passionate.

Welcome to Zoo.


Zoo is conveniently positioned in the centre of Copenhagen. The cosy nightclub sets the mood for a memorable night out. Its spacious room, the unique setting and the in-house DJs will set the ambiance and your senses will be invigorated.


The kitchen is gone and we have enlarged the dance floor. The club has become a playground for downtown darlings.


Every weekend we strive to create an intimate, festive atmosphere and will continue our efforts to meet your requirements and expectations in order to make your experience at Zoo a cherished memory.


Zoo can suit your fancy & we take your pleasure seriously.


See you soon!



Thursday: From 2022

Friday: 20.00 – 05.00

Saturday: 20-00 – 05.00


Join us for an early after work cocktail on Fridays and let the Zoo vibe kick in.